1 Day to go

Beijing and the golden week

Tomorrow, I’ll begin the biggest adventure of my life yet. I’m overly excited and happy that it will start tomorrow. So many preparations have come to an end, now it’s time to start. My bag is ready, and everything is prepared. Tomorrow I need to collect my new ID, and then I’m ready to go. My parents will drive me to the airport in Frankfurt from where I take the plane to Moscow. As I was writing with someone from Beijing today, I heard about the golden week in China. This week is like a public holiday for all of China, so the cities and all the tourist sites are entirely packed with Chinese tourists. This week is next week when I arrive… Thus, the first three days in Beijing will be too much crowded to do anything touristic. Starts already well… But instead of doing all the touristic stuff the first days, I’m going to have some nice evenings and enjoy the nightlife which will be packed as well, and on my last days in Beijing, I can visit the other touristic sites. I’m already in contact with some locals which I’ll meet in Beijing. They will show me the city from their perspective which is so amazing and for me the best way to explore a new city.

But first Moscow

Apart from that, I’m excited for Moscow where I only spend about 16 hours in total. However, I got a visa for this day and can visit the city center where I’ll shoot another video – the first one with my new GoPro.

What do I expect from this trip?

In general, I want to have the time of my life. The goal is to meet as many people as possible, and I want to see as much as I can from the world. I hope to meet a lot of locals and discover the countries from their best side. And of course, I want to learn about other cultures, traditions, and history. On the other hand, I expect to learn a lot about myself and to get to know myself even better. Hopefully, I know what I want in life after I return and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of experience in all areas of my life. But more importantly I want to enjoy the freedom I’ll have during this time, the freedom to do what I want and to do only what makes me happy. It’s gonna be the time of my life for sure, so I just do my best to enjoy every second of it!

And what can you expect?

You can expect a lot of great photos, videos and stories. The goal is to give you the feeling as if you would be with me on this trip. On Instagram, I’ll post every day another photo and of course a lot of stories. I try to write one or two blog posts every week, and in addition to that I try to shoot a video every week and post it on my YouTube channel. I’m more than happy if you reach out to me and if you live in one of the countries, I’ll visit I would love to get in contact with you and to meet you.

As I love counting things I have a small list of things I’m going to count during my journey. Other than the count-up here on the Blog who’s gonna count the days I’m on the road, I’m going to count and update the following numbers everytime I post something:

  • Total countries I visited: 24 (These are the countries I visited until now)
  • Planes: 0
  • Busses: 0
  • Trains: 0
  • Km running: 0
  • Drinks: 0


Stay tuned for something great to come!


1 Day to go!

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