Which country has Asia’s best food? – Top 3

Food and trying different cuisines is one of the best things while traveling. Discovering new things and just randomly order something without really knowing what it is are my favorite things to do. These randomly chosen dishes are mostly the best, and you’ll probably find your new favorite recipe like that. And one thing I can tell you already, the food you know from home is totally different than the food in the country itself. So, if you don’t like the Chinese restaurant around the corner, wait until you are in China – it is a different world.

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Why I’m happy to leave China

Don’t get me wrong here, I had an amazing time in China, and I made so many good memories. It was a good month, and I won’t forget it. On the other hand, I’m glad to leave China and see some other countries. Also, China and its people have some things I’m nerved of after spending nearly one month in here. That’s..

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Has China the best food?

It’s for sure that I’ll never eat in a Chinese restaurant in Europe again. The food here in China is just too good and so different than in Europe. When I arrived, I had no idea what I would eat and what I would like. It turned out that I love nearly everything and I hadn’t one lousy meal so far. It already started when I arrived at the airport in Beijing. I was so hungry and…

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Beijing vs. Shanghai

To be honest, both cities are so different that it is very difficult to compare them, and I maybe didn’t spend enough time in Shanghai to get to the full image of the city. However, I’ve seen enough to find out that both cities are just the complete opposite from each other. While…

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Huashan Mountains – The best hike in China? – Video

Not far from the City Xi’an zhe Huashan Mountains invite you for an incredible hike. This hike made it’s name as one of the most dangerous ones on. The planet and they were not lying. Some parts are without any security and one wrong step can kill you. However the view and the nature is stunning and therefore I decided to hike all the way up. In my new video I’ll show you what I saw and why you should visit that place too.

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