Düsseldorf – It’s time to say goodbye

The past three years has been fantastic, and they will stay in my mind forever that’s for sure. But now it’s time to say goodbye. On Tuesday I’ll leave Düsseldorf and Germany, and I’ll formally move back to Luxemburg.

Düsseldorf sunset
Düsseldorf for sure changed my life and the time here definitely changed me. I learned a lot, and my mind grew even more. To study business administration was an excellent decision, I took over three years ago. I found a passion for understanding how the business world works, and I think what I learned will help me a lot in the years to come. But it’s not only about what I learned it’s about the people I met and the things I did.
I met so many people – amazing people, crazy people, very intelligent people, and so many people with a good heart – a lot of them inspired me and I’m sure they will stay in my life for a long time. They gave me advice, and they taught me a lot of things I didn’t know before – in every possible situation in my life. I had so much fun with them, and some moments I won’t forget in the near future.

Düsseldorf sunset
The parties in Düsseldorf where crazy – house parties with 60 people on 70 square meters, club night until the sun rose above us when we left the club, and evenings I don’t even remember everything. Yes, there were also long nights in the library, but these aren’t the nights I’ll remember. In addition to that, I found my passion for traveling and for traveling on my own. And as you know by now, that’s the next step in my life.

Düsseldorf skyline
Düsseldorf is a perfect city to live in, safe, proper, friendly people and always something to do. I’m thankful for every minute I could live here and for every memory – I’m sure I’ll tell my grandchildren about this time – but now it’s time to move on to an even bigger adventure.
It was the best time of my life until now, for sure.

Stay tuned for more to discover about my upcoming WorldTravel. In 9 Days everything will begin, so be prepared for something big!

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