My around the world packing List – UPDATE after 6 months

I’m already nearly 6 months on the road – yeah, it’s crazy how the time flies. A lot of things changed, my plans changed at least 50 times, my destinations changed, and I changed myself a lot. What actually didn’t change much is my packing list. There are only a few minimal changes, and they have different reasons. In here you can find my original blog entry.

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Madrid – Where everything began

While studying in Dublin for an ERASMUS-Semester I had one week off – it was called study-week – but I hadn’t that much to review, and everybody left, especially the other ERASMUS-students, so I decided to fly to Madrid. Again, I flew by myself and had a fantastic time, and it was there where everything began.

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About myself

Hello everybody, 

Most people will know me already but for all the readers who don’t know me yet, here’s an introduction about myself.

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