5 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was just amazing. I loved every second here, and I regret not spending more time there. Here are my reasons why also you should visit this fantastic island nation.

1.      People are nice

People in Sri Lanka are so lovely and humble. They always have a smile on their face and want to help you. It reminded me of the people in Thailand. I rarely had terrible experiences. Even the police stopped me sometimes in the tuk-tuk only to know where I’m from and how I like Sri Lanka. One policeman said “nice to meet you” to me and let me drive off then. People in Hotels or guest houses are also amicable, and the services are incredible.

2.      Surfing paradise

Sri Lanka is the surfer’s paradise for anyone from beginner to the pro surfer. There are so many spots around the Island for surfing, and you can find good spots all year round. Boards are for rent everywhere and will cost you around 250-500 Rupees per hour.

3.      Beautiful nature

There are not only beautiful and clean beaches; the inner Island has some lovely mountains full of tea plantations to offer. Kandy and Ella are perfect getaways from the heat and humidity and provide spectacular views and curvy roads through the tea plantations. There are also some amazing National Parks with the Yala national park as the biggest one. While driving through the national park, I got greeted by elephants on the street and lots of other wild animals.

4.      Low prices

Sri Lanka is cheap. Very cheap and also less expensive than India, for example. I’ve been there during the low season, which makes it even less costly as Hotel prices drop by over 50% but also food, Gas and other things were cheap. Train tickets are nearly a joke, and also busses are very reasonable. Taxis, however, are more expensive (except for Colombo) because there is no app, and the drivers have a monopoly. In Colombo Uber works and it’s incredibly cheap, I paid 11 USD for a 2-hour drive from the Airport to the city. Local food costs you only around 3 USD, and more fancy western restaurants can charge up to 10 USD.

5.      Clean and organized

Streets are clean, organized, and quiet – In comparison to other Asian countries, of course. Most people respect the traffic rules, and there is a lot of police checks to keep it that way. That can be quiet annoying though if the police stop you every 10 minutes to check the license. Most streets are new and well maintained. Except for Colombo, there isn’t much traffic, and places are well connected. The best thing, however, is how quiet the Streets are compared to India. People use their horns way less than in India, and that makes it way more chilled to drive.

I enjoyed Sri Lanka and had the best time there. It’s definitely under my top 5 best destinations in Asia now. 

  • Total countries I visited until now: 41


  • Planes: 29
  • Busses: 49
  • Trains: 23
  • Boats: 25
  • Km driving: 8000
  • KM driving with my Tuktuk: 2000
  • Km running: 3582

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