Budget Summary after one-year Backpacking around Asia (and Australia)

One year Backpacking through Asia and Australia, one year full of adventures and amazing memories. But what does a journey like that cost me? And on what did I spend the money?

To make it short: I spend 20.905,21 EUR during the first year of my WorldTravel. That includes everything literally from travel insurance over food and fines from the police. Not included are three weeks I spend with my parents in Singapore and Malaysia as they paid for everything. And still, that’s 905,21 EUR more then I planned. But to say it upfront, I don’t regret one cent.

On what did I spend the money?

The most significant expense is transport, which covers around 30 % of my costs, with more than 50% of that going to flights. After that, it’s food with 20 % and then accommodations with 15%. 14 % are from other expenses, which include travel insurance, gym, and everything which has no other category. And 10% is for activities. Another 5% for shopping for clothes (mainly because of trekking in Nepal) and another 5% is for entry fees, transaction cost, laundry, and drinks.

Food could have been lower, but I think that food and having excellent meals is very important, so I mostly didn’t pay attention to these expenses. Accommodation only takes 15 % because I mostly slept in hostels and only sometimes took a hotel.

Could I have done it cheaper?

No, not really. At least not without giving up a lot, which would have negative consequences on my travels. I stopped drinking only after two months of traveling, which saved me a lot of money. Other than that, there weren’t many situations in which I could have saved without negatively affect the journey.

I met some people who have a budget of 20 USD a day, but then I ask myself why they travel that long instead of traveling shorter and enjoying it more. If you eat rice and pasta in every country, walk hours instead of renting a bike or take a taxi and always sleep in the cheapest and worse hostels. How can you enjoy your travels?

I also don’t understand people who wrote in their blogs that they only needed 14.000 Euro for one year. That’s NOT enough. Around 20.000 to 25.000 for a budget Backpacking trip in Asia and Australia is definitely required. For the second year, I even have a budget of 30.000. 

  • Total countries I visited until now: 41


  • Planes: 29
  • Busses: 49
  • Trains: 23
  • Boats: 24
  • Km driving: 8000
  • KM driving with my Tuktuk: 2000
  • Km running: 3567

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