My around the world packing List – UPDATE after 6 months

I’m already nearly 6 months on the road – yeah, it’s crazy how the time flies. A lot of things changed, my plans changed at least 50 times, my destinations changed, and I changed myself a lot. What actually didn’t change much is my packing list. There are only a few minimal changes, and they have different reasons. In here you can find my original blog entry.

My planning was pretty good as I didn’t forget anything, I instead had some things too much, but other things were real lifesavers over the time like my expensive but good pullover or my power bank.

packing list Worldtravel

I put the original List in here and marked the changes.

1. Documents

•    Passport

•    ID card

•    Flight tickets

•    Money

•    Credit card (I got mine from DKB because it is free, and you can withdraw money worldwide for free)

•    Documents for my international health insurance

•    Vaccination certificate (You’ll need an international one, available in every hospital)

•    International driving license

  •    This saved me some fines in Indonesia. I was not expecting that, but the police in Bali asked me a few times for my international license and the one time I didn’t have it with me they fined me 250.000 IRD

•    National driving license

•    A list with all the significant telephone numbers on it (Parents, Embassy and to block my credit cards)

  •    I got everything online and didn’t put a list with me

•    Pass photos (Essential to get Visas on arrival) 

  • Yes that also saved me some trouble 

2. Clothes

•    10 pairs of underwear

•    10 pairs of socks

•    4 normal T-shirts

•    6 sports T-shirts (They dry very fast and are light)

•    1 pair of running shorts

•    2 jeans 1 Jeans (Black because you can wear it in combination with everything)

  •    I threw one of the jeans away because it was to heavy and I rarely need a jeans

•    1 black belt

•    4 shorts

•    2 jeans shorts

•    1 rain jacket

  •   It rained a lot more then I was expecting, and sometimes a good rain jacket can help a lot

•    1 Fleece-pullover

  •   It was also sometimes a lot colder then I thought. Here this pullover saves me from getting sick and shaking through the night on some mountains or sometimes in Australia

•    1 pair of swimming trunks

•    4 travel towels 3 travel towels

  •     I lost one but three is fairly enough

•    1 normal pair of shoes

•    Luna Sandals

  • Best thing I ever bought. I wear them on so many different occasions from hiking to swimming or walking in a big rain.

•    Running shoes

3. Body care products:

•    A piece of soap

•    Deodorant

•    Toothbrush

•    Toothpaste

•    Razor

•    Shaver

•    Condoms

•    Earplugs

  • Life saver in some Hostels or while camping

•    A little scissor

•    Contact lenses

•    Water for the contact lenses

•    Glasses

4. Medication:

•    Nausea and vomiting pills

•    Fever pills

•    Head painkillers

•    Diarrhea pills

•    Constipation pills

•    Mosquito spray

•    Electrolyte powder

•    Disinfectant

•    Thermometer

•    Antibiotics

•    Plaster

5. Electronic devices:

•    Laptop

•    Charger

•    USB

•    Camera (DSC-HX60)

•    Hard disc with 1 TB

  •    Very helpful as I got so many photos, videos, and other stuff

•    Mobile phone

•    International adapter

•    SD-Card 64 GB for my Camera

•    GoPro Hero 5 Black edition

•    Bluetooth headset

•    Selfie Stick

  •  I still got it but I rarely use it

•    Extension

  •   Also one of the best things I got. Sometimes I need to charge a few things at the same time and this cubic extension with 6 plugins is a game changer

•    And of course all the chargers and connectors

6. Other helpful things:

•    Small sleeping bag

  • I only needed this one in some rare cases, so if your not very picky maybe you don’t need one

•    Swiss knife

•    Small light

•    Watch

•    Little lock

  •  Locks are very important as 99 % of the Hostels don’t have locks

•    Bigger lock

•    Pen

•    Sunglasses

•    Clothesline

  •  For camping very helpful but in Asia I didn’t needed the line once.

•    Lighter

•    Pack bag set

  • THIS IS THE THING TO HAVE. These pack bags are just the biggest time saver ever. When I need something out of my bag I take the right bag out and take what I need and don’t have to put everything out and search for my things. Also packing my bag is 10 times faster. I need as less as 3 minutes to pack my entire bag and that’s 99% because of these Pack bags.

•    First aid kit

•    Small daypack 

Backpack Worldtravel
  • Total countries I visited until now: 34


  • Planes: 8
  • Busses: 36
  • Trains: 18
  • Boats: 20
  • Km running: 1666

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