Why do I love Bangkok so much?

In the last three months of my life, I visited a lot of cities and a lot of countries, but no city got me this feeling Bangkok can give me. I love this city, and I didn’t even last one day for me to fall in love. Bangkok is so amazing that I actively play with the thought of coming here and settle down for a few weeks here.

The city that has everything

Bangkok has just everything you need. The charm of Thailand, the modern parts of London and the party like nowhere else in the world. People are the friendliest and prices are the cheapest. There are endless possibilities to eat out, and street food is overwhelming good.



Bangkok – or as I call it is a food lovers paradise – Streetfood on every corner, restaurants with all kind of food you want. I think there is nothing you can’t find here. But the street food is still the best and cheapest food, for as less as 30 Bath (0,80 euro) you can see amazing pat Thai in the most touristic areas. Fresh fruit smoothies all over the city and if you feel like a snack you buy a fresh cut pineapple on the street for 20 Bath. And then there is 7-eleven, the biggest employer in Thailand. They have 6000 stores in Thailand, and it feels like 5000 of them are only in Bangkok. Some streets have four 7-elevens. A Tosti for 25 Bath or a Dumpling for 17 Bath is my favorite budget breakfast and still good after 20 days. I could and will write a whole blog entry about the food in Bangkok and Thailand.

My absolute favorite food: Pad Thai and a fresh Mango/Pasionfruit shake
Rotee: Some kind of Pancake with banana inside.


I love Thai people, the friendliest most welcoming people I met until now. They mostly speak English, and if not, they try it at least, and they want to help you were they can. They greet each other with a small gesture of bending forward slightly and putting their hands together as they pray. I trained in the gym, and they even greeted me like this, and after only 2 hours of training, they said goodbye to me as I would be a friend. They helped me put on my weights and showed me how to use the machine, even with little English they wanted to help me where they could. Walking through the streets, you get warm smiles everywhere, and if you order breakfast around the corner the coffee comes with a smile, you think the sun is rising a second time for the day. 

A friend came and visited me for a few days

Endless possibilities 

With 15 million people living in the area and so many tourists, this city has so much to offer it can’t be boring here. Party, shows, food, rooftop bars, festivals, activities, and so on. There is so much to do and all of that for very affordable prices. I went to a Thai boxing show – it was a combination of a theater with a real fight in the end – and paid only about 20 euros with popcorn and a coke. If you fancy a nice cocktail or good food on one of the rooftop bars, you can spend every week on a different rooftop, and the party never stops here. Khaosan road is maybe the craziest street I ever saw in my life. Party, food, girls, alcohol and other insane stuff on 400 meters of pure fun.

The newest and biggest shopping mal in Bangkok
Thai boxing in the Asiatique Riverfront

Everything for an affordable price

Expect the rooftop bars everything is very cheap here. Street food tops it all, even in the main tourist areas you can eat for under 3 euros and you’re full and happy. Outside these places, it’s even cheaper and as good. A taxi to drive 12 km and 30 mins through the cab cost about 100 Bath (2,5 euros). Hostels are a little bit more expensive as in the rest of Thailand, but I managed to find a bed for 8 euros a night in one of my favorite hostels so far. My favorite smoothies cost me only about 1 euro, and my favorite pad Thai cost me 0,80 cents. Flying from Bangkok and to Bangkok is also very cheap because it’s one of the biggest hubs in Asia and connecting point for so many destinations with the two big airports.

Khoasan Road on New years eve. But it actually always looks like this, every night of the year.

I actually could write a book about how much amazing things there are here like the excellent wheatear, they good infrastructure, and good shopping possibilities, but I think you got the image. Come and visit this fantastic city, I’m sure you’ll fall in love too.

  • Total countries I visited until now: 31


  • Distance traveled: 20647
  • Planes: 5
  • Busses: 26
  • Trains: 14
  • Boats: 11
  • Km running: 1047

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