Getting a diving license in Koh Tao

In the last days, I did a diving license in Koh Tao, and it was a fantastic experience; also I’m now allowed to dive up to 18 meters deep worldwide.

Koh Tao Diving

Costs and what you get

Koh Tao is famous for world-class diving schools and low prices. Nowhere in the world, you can do your diving license as cheap. I paid 11000 Bath (295 Euro) for a 3-and-a-half-day course. Included was all equipment the boat tours, theory lessons and everything you need. Not included was the accommodation and food, for the lodging you get some discounts, so the room (dorm eight beds) costs 300 Bath a night. The price for the diving course is the same on the whole Island only prices for accommodation can be different. I did it with the diving school called Phoenix Divers and was satisfied. We were a small group of 4 people, and the teacher was cool and like a friend.

Koh Tao Diving


Day 1

On the first day, I arrived in the morning and registered myself. I wrote the school on Facebook before I came to be sure that I get a place. I paid and got my room. The first introduction lesson only starts at 5 pm what gave me time to rest from the exhausting journey to the Island. At 5 pm you get to know your teacher and a small introduction talk, and after that, you are watching a 1.5-hour long video which gives you a good knowledge about diving, risks, and precautions.

Day 2

In the morning at 9 am you meet again, and the teacher gives you a 3 hours theory course. It seems like a lot of theory, but it is necessary as there are some important things to know before jumping into the sea. I got a little bit nervous as they talk a lot about the risks, what you shouldn’t do, what can go wrong and what you should do in a case of emergency. After a lunch break, the instructor shows you how to put on the gear, and you try it together. Ready with all the equipment on it goes to the pool. The pool session is necessary, and I found it to be a good thing. After that, I was a lot more relaxed to go into the open sea. The pool is only about 3 meters deep, but you learn the basics in there, and you got a feeling how it is to breathe underwater.

Koh Tao Diving

Day 3

At 9 am we met again and had a last theory lesson of about 45 mins. After that, we had the final exam, without passing it nobody is allowed to go into open water. It was easy, and I got 90 % right. After that, we had time to get lunch again and prepared our equipment to go on the boat. Ready for the first dive in open water we drove not too far from the coast and got the last information. The dive was way more relaxed than in the pool, and underwater we practiced some skills with our instructor. For example, removing the mouthpiece and removing the mask. After a break, we had our second dive on another side and practiced more skills.

Day 4

The day started early at 6.45 am we met and prepared everything to go on the sea. We had two more dives. In the first one, we learned some more skills like helping your buddy if he’s out of the air. The fourth and last dive was only for fun and also the most beautiful one. We saw so many fishes and corals. The fishes come near to humans, and you can nearly touch them. Arriving back on the islands we had to sign some last papers and got then finally our diving license.

Koh Tao Diving

Everyone who’s not afraid of water and likes an adventure should consider doing a diving license on Koh Tao as well. My license is now valid a life time, and on my next destinations, I can dive without any special preparation before. 

  • Total countries I visited until now: 31


  • Distance traveled: 19683
  • Planes: 4
  • Busses: 26
  • Trains: 14
  • Boats: 11
  • Km running: 944

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