China – Big cities and beautiful nature

As you could read in my previous post about the process of getting Visas, I needed to book every Hostel and every transfer in order to get a Visa to enter China. It wasn’t my intention to plan everything, but in this case, it was needed. After I heard about the requirements to get the Visa, I read some other blogs and recommendations, where I should go and what I should visit. I hope I took the right decision, and I’ll see the best parts of China, but I’m pretty confident that I chose a beautiful route and that I’ll have a great time. In fact, I can’t wait to explore this vast country with all it’s different parts, from beautiful nature to crazy cities, everything will be covered.

On my trip I’ll visit all of these places:

Beijing – Xi’an – Chengdu – Zhangjiajie – Shanghai – Guilin – Guangzhou

China Map mit beschriftung
My route for the first 30 days. So excited!

I’m curious about Beijing and Shanghai because I haven’t seen such a big city yet and I love big cities. I’m looking forward to seeing how the life is in such a big city and how everything works together. At first, I only wanted to go to these big cities and spend my time there, until I found out about the beautiful nature offside these metropoles. The national park of Zhangjiajie, for example, is a wonder of nature. Ever wondered where they filmed the movie “Avatar”? Well, it was there. Zhangjiajie has even a second national park which I’ll visit on the second day. In Chengdu, I can see pandas and the world’s biggest Buddha. Two hours away from Guilin in Longsheng I’ll visit the rice terraces. And in Xi’an, I’ll go on a hike in the Huashan mountains. I think I’m now even more excited about the beautiful nature than the big cities because China has so much more to offer than the big cities everybody knows.

If anybody is reading this, and already did some of these things, I’m glad for every tip and recommendation! Or if anybody may be in China in the period from the 3 October – 26 October, feel free to contact me!

72 Days to go!

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