Visas – the not-so-funny part of the planning

I’m glad to live in Europe where the borders are open, and I can cross them without any special requirements. I’m just used to this freedom and in fact, I couldn’t imagine something else – Well, this opinion of how open the world is, got interrupted deeply while planning my WorldTravel.

First, I’m lucky to be from Luxembourg and to possess the most powerful Passport in the world. I don’t want to imagine how it must be for people from other countries without such a powerful passport. Because even with a passport from Luxemburg it was and is still a very complicated process to get a Visa for some countries. Until today, this has been the biggest issue while planning.

After I chose the countries I wanted to visit, I checked the Visa requirements. Luckily, I don’t need a Visa for most of the destinations or I simply get one on arrival. This will cost some money but at least I’ll be free to enter the country whenever I want to and leave whenever I want to. I don’t need to apply previously, and other than my passport, I don’t need any documents. In Vietnam and in Cambodia I had two choices, I could wait till I arrive or pre-order my Visa online. Pre-ordering would shorten my waiting-time to enter the country, so I chose this alternative. This process was easy, and I got the one for Vietnam already. Australia introduced the new e-visa process, so I can do everything online. I haven’t done it yet because I don’t know when I will arrive exactly. But I think that it won’t be a big problem anyway.

My initial goal was it to travel as spontaneously as possible. I just wanted to take a train and visit the next place and while driving I would book a Hostel for the night. If I want to stay some more nights in a particular place I would just extend my stay or if I would meet people I would travel spontaneously with them. This dream got heavily destroyed when I applied for the Chinese and Russian Visa. First, I went to the Russian embassy, waited there for 3 long hours, standing in a small dark room, just to hear that at this point I couldn’t get a Visa. The reason: I had no Visa for China (My next destination after Russia) so they had no proof that I could enter China. This meant that I would need a Visa for China before I could get a Visa for Russia. After this, my mother went to the Chinese embassy, but this happened to be the next disenchantment. I had bought the ticket to enter China and I had a flight out of China for 26 days after. I wanted to do everything in between spontaneously. But the woman on the embassy told my mother that I have to book every Hotel and every train for my entire journey in China. I wasn’t happy with this development, but as I had no choice, I booked everything for the entire time in China. The next post will be about my route, it is amazing, but it was much more expensive than booking it locally.

I still haven’t got the Visa for China but I’m confident that I have every document needed, so I’ll get it and with that also the one for Russia. The last country I need a Visa for, is Cuba. I have informed myself and learned that I can do everything by mail. I haven’t done anything yet because it is still so much time. I’ll keep you updated about the process when the time has arrived.

To get Visa’s was and is still by far the most annoying thing to arrange for my WorldTravel but it is essential. And again, I’m glad to have started it well in advance.

79 Days to go!


11 thoughts on “Visas – the not-so-funny part of the planning

  1. Unfortunately, visas are sometimes an obstacle faced while traveling. The Chinese visa can be a bit tedious, but not compared to others. I have a South African passport & we have to get visas almost all the time – it is very stressful & can cost a lot of money. Hopefully you get yours sorted soon & you’ll have an amazing time in China🙂

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    1. Yeah I can imagine that it has to be very difficult depending on your Passport. In one way I can understand why these visa rules exist, but on the other hand, is it sad that some people can’t travel how they want just because of that..
      Thank you. I’m convinced that it will be sorted soon! 🙂

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  2. For the Chinese visa, just book hotels for now and make sure you’ll be able to cancel them later. That way you can show the proof of hotels in China to the embassy but they will never know that you did not in fact sleep there. Once you get the visa, cancel the hotels and book on the go as you wanted to..

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    1. Thank you for your advice! Unfortunately, I already booked all the Hostels and trains and I can’t cancel them anymore… I thought they would need proof of the transfers too. But that’s ok I’m looking forward to my trip in China. In the next post I’ll write about it 🙂


  3. Wow. I read all your posts and the excitement really built up. I have little down time to browse through stuff on the net but I’ll be staying tuned to your blog. You’re about to do something a lot of people dream of & only a few are brave & free enough to actually do. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your journey around the world. Hope you can visit more countries! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! They make me happy and even more excited, knowing people actually enjoy this.
      I hope I can motivate more people to overcome their fears and travel more. And yes I hope this will turn into a never ending travel-story 😀


  4. I’m in the middle of the whole Chinese Visa process, I had to resubmit paperwork because my photocopier printed a line down the page and it needed to be pristine! Best of luck with your travels, I’m looking forward to see what you get up to in China


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