Health insurance, vaccinations, and no more strains attached!

What I know for sure, is that I’ll give up my entire life in Germany, and formally move back to Luxemburg. In fact, I won’t have a classical home at all, for at least an entire year. The world will be my new home! And who knows, maybe I’ll find a new home somewhere around the globe. But wait, what about my flat? My belongings? And all the other stuff I got here?

The best thing would be, that nobody and nothing would hold me back or tie me down to a particular place in the world. With that in mind, I decided to give up my flat, sell all my furniture and terminate all my contracts. I still got my parents’ house where I could go back if anything would happen or if my travels wouldn’t be that great after all. For the rest, I will be free with no strains attached. Now, three months before I will leave, I have terminated all my contracts, they will run out by October.

And after I return? Will I stand there with nothing, and do I have to start from the scratch? No, of course not! By then I got a bachelor’s degree, some job experience and a lot of life experience. I can continue my studies, start a normal job, start a company or do some other internships. All in one, this means I don’t have to worry about the future. Maybe I’ll apply for another internship and do my Master’s Degree in the Netherlands. However, these plans could change at any time.

Wonderful, no strains attached, and nothing to worry about at home. With that in mind, I could start looking for things I would need to do before leaving. I immediately thought about vaccinations. I read that some of them needed to be done well in advance. I went to a doctor in Luxemburg and he gave me a vaccination against Hepatitis A. You’ll need two of these vaccinations, one seven months in advance of your journey and the second one six months later. I would recommend to directly go to a Hospital, they often have a Clinic for tropical medicine. That’s what I did when I returned to Düsseldorf. After filling out a questionnaire I had a conversation with a doctor. They recommended me to have a vaccination against rabies, yellow fever, and typhoid. And that’s what I got. A month before I leave, I’ll have my last injection against Hepatitis A and then I’m ready to go. The doctor told me that I should pay attention if I would get fewer, and I should go to a Hospital as soon as I got a high fever. In addition to that, she recommended me to fly to Bangkok if I would get sick in Cambodia or Laos. She said the medical conditions would be way better in Bangkok. This sentence got me some worries. Do I have to take a plane with 40 degrees fewer to get in a “good” hospital? Well, sounds nice!

Yes, there are some risks, but the positive things exceed them in all possible way. However, to protect myself in the best possible way against these risks I directly concluded a contract for a health insurance. In fact, you desperately need a health insurance, without you can’t get any visa and you can’t enter in most countries. I got mine from Hansemercur and I’ll pay 1.15 Euro per day. There are always two options, one is without USA and Canada and one is for the whole world. Needless to say, the one without USA and Canada is less expensive, and that’s also one of the reasons I chose to skip the USA.

Health insurance – Check, Vaccinations – Check, Plan for the period after my WorldTravel – Check, No more attachments to anywhere – Check!

Some big steps are done, and the start is coming nearer and nearer.

86 Days to go!

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