First flight booked – But what now? – How I decided my route

After the decisive questions were answered, and my first flight was booked – from Frankfurt to Beijing, with a stop in Moscow on the 1st October 2018 – I was overly excited about my plans and couldn’t stop thinking about them. But how should I start planning such a long travel? Ok, my budget is set, the period of time is set too, one year all by myself around the world. Sounds great! So where do I want to go? What do I want to visit? There is so much to see in this world! There are 194 countries and I would want to see them all! However, one year is not enough to visit every single country, what meant I had to decide which countries I want to see on this journey and which ones I’ll visit later. In the recent years, I’ve tried to visit as many countries in Europe as possible, and I think I did quite well. During two interrail travels, I saw 18 cities in 12 countries, in addition to that, I went on some short trips to major cities in Europe too. I lived in 3 countries – Luxemburg, Germany, and Ireland – in the past years, and used to travel a lot with my parents. BUT, I never left Europe, so my priority was to exit Europe and see other continents.

My first flight will go to Beijing, so I’ll start in Asia. Asia is such a beautiful continent – well at least on photos, I’ll discover it soon enough in real – that I wanted to spend some months there. I also dream of traveling in a car across Australia, and then there is South America with all its nature and good food. Japan and USA are also amazing, but pretty expensive. I quickly decided that I’ll wait till I have more money to travel to those countries. My first intention was to travel from China through south-east Asia then Australia by car, and the last few months I would spend in South America and finally fly back home from Mexico. It sounded like the perfect plan, but as soon as I told people about the countries I want to visit, they started to ask me why I wouldn’t do this country or why I wouldn’t visit the USA or India. I explained myself at least 50 times: I always said, “Guys, I have one year, not 50 years, I can’t do everything, and I like to see those countries because I personally find them interesting, there is just not enough time to visit everything”. However, some of my friends had some good arguments and stories about some countries that they could convince me to travel to these countries. In fact, I’m still changing my plans from time to time, and I think there won’t be a definite plan. As of now, my plan looks the following:

Russia – China – Macau – Hongkong – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Australia – Peru – Chile – Argentina – Brazil – Costa Rica – Panama – Cuba – Jamaica – Mexico

21 countries! Oh yes, 21 incredible counties with a lot to discover.

But why is it so important to have at least a clue where you want to go? Well, there are many points why you should think about this first, but the most important one is because of all the Visas you must get. And that’s the first point you must consider in your actual planning.

And now? There are some other important questions to be answered. What do I do with my flat? What about my belongings? What do I want to do after my WorldTravel? Which equipment do I need? Where do I want to sleep in Hostels, hotels or camping?

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll answer all these questions, and tell you about my solutions.

IMG_20180209_115023_024 1 (2)

93 Days to go!

7 thoughts on “First flight booked – But what now? – How I decided my route

  1. Glad to heat that Thailand is one of your destination. If you need some advice, please feel free to ask. Hope you enjoy your trip. I look forward to seeing your post during the trip!!

    Be ready to have fun!!😉

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      1. Can you add me on Facebook (you should find my account on the Blog just below) and send me a message? 🙂 so we can write there👌


  2. Glad to hear that Thailand is one of your destination. I live here. If you need any advices when you visit, please feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing your post during your trip. Hope you enjoy your trip.

    Be ready & Have fun!!

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