100 Days to go, and 1000 Places to see

From today on, there are only 100 days left until my first flight will leave, until I’ll leave Europe for the first time, and until I’ll start the journey of my life. 100 days – time flies so fast! Unfortunately, this also means 100 days of hard work and stress ahead of me. If it was up to me, my journey could start tomorrow, but there are some important things which have to be done until I can pack my things and disappear for a while. I still got two exams to pass, to teach the first-year students, to plan and arrange some things for my WorldTravel, and last but not least I need to work another 3 mounts for EY. Speaking of, I resigned yesterday from my job. My boss wasn’t angry at all, on the contrary, he supports my idea and his words were only, “Well, I’m jealous”. I got a similar answer from my other colleagues, and they agree with me on the point, that I should take the chance and do it now.
This was a relieve, and a big step nearer to finish all my preparations. In the last weeks, I resigned from other contracts like my mobile phone contract, the contract for WIFI, my rented flat, and so on. I had to think about everything, but I think I got everything covered now. I’m glad that I started to plan my trip well in advance. As I already decided early to make this journey, I had over 10 months’ time to plan everything. Now 100 days before I got a pretty good Idea about the last To dos. A few days ago, I planned my trip to China and booked all my Hotels and Hostels. It was necessary to get a Visa. If you’re also planning a trip like this, be aware that there is a lot to think about and to do before you leave. Some things need time and have to be planned well in advance, so take the decision at least 6 to 8 months in advance. That’s my advice to you. After I took my decision I didn’t know where to start – well at first, I decided where I want to go – but after? What do I have to consider? What are the first steps? Are there things which I must consider but I don’t think of now? Well, yes there was, and a lot of them! I did a little research on the web and found the book “ Weltreise – Handbuch zur Reisevorbereitung” which I bought. I read the book and made myself an Excel sheet with things I’ll have to do. The list had over 70 To dos on it. A good example: If you’re a student, you can buy an international student pass for only 12 Euro and with this pass, you can get discounts everywhere around the world (www.isic.com). A thing I didn’t know about before I read this book. There are so many things like this I haven’t considered before.

I’ll tell you about some major things, and important steps in the following posts, so keep yourself up to date.
My own schedule is a little bit stressful at the moment. But, I’ll try to look at it in a positive way. The money I earn now can be invested in my WorldTravel, which happens to be the journey I dreamed of for so long. And if this isn’t motivation enough I don’t know what will be. In 100 days I’ll have a full year off, without any stress and full of enjoyable moments, I shouldn’t complain too much. Sometimes you must be serious, to enjoy the good moments even more.


Tonight, I’ll read some pages in my book “1000 Places to see before you die “. I got this book from one of my students, who has become a good friend, for my Birthday. And it makes me always happy reading in it, I find some new places which I can visit, and get some useful information about the countries I’ll visit. I haven’t started my first WorldTravel yet, but I already dream from the next one while reading.


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