First flight booked – But wait, weren’t there any thoughts and questions before that?

In my previous posts, you could read how everything began, and how I got to that point that I booked my first flight from Germany to China. But weren’t there any thoughts before this decision? Well, there were definitely some! In fact, the most important questions have to be asked before booking the first fight.

At first, it sounds very easy – Just book the first flight, save some money, and then travel the world – but it’s actually not that simple. What I haven’t told you yet, I had to ask myself some important questions before I bought the plane ticket to Beijing. What about the budget, time, and start date of my journey? Before booking the first flight you should at least have some sort of budget restriction or an idea about your financial situation, and what you are willing to spend. You shouldn’t forget that after your WorldTravel, you may need to have some savings left. On the other hand, you must have a period of time during which you can travel. These are two very important questions you have to ask yourself. The last question before booking is the question about whether you want to go all by yourself or with a friend or even in a group. If these three questions are sorted out and you found answers for them, you are sorted and can start.

In my case, these questions weren’t too difficult to answer. It was clear that I want to travel by myself because I’m very open-minded and love to meet new people. And as I’m not in a relationship anymore, taking my girlfriend wasn’t an option either. To find a friend who has time, money, and the motivation to come with me, was also very difficult, so I decided to go by myself.

To find the period for the WorldTravel wasn’t too difficult neither. I’m about to finish my bachelor’s degree in Business administration in August. It is the perfect occasion to take a year of and travel around the world, after this, I can continue my studies, or maybe do something completely different.

And then there is the question about the money. I find it very hard to predict how much I’ll spend and how much it’ll cost me. I read some other blogs where people said they have spent between 12.000 € and 20.000 €. However, they did everything to keep the costs down and tried to do it as cheap as possible. On the other hand, I worked hard and saved money for such a long time – in order to spend the money for something big like my studies, a car, to get a credit for a flat, or a WorldTravel – that I can afford to set myself a higher budget. I decided to set the budget at 25.000 €, so that I don’t have to worry too much about my spending and even have a little bit left over after my WorldTravel. I do hope I won’t spend everything, but if it is necessary to have to best time – and to take out the best of this journey – I don’t have a problem to do so. Anyway, I’m convinced that this experience and these memories are worth more than all the money in the world, so I’ll spend it with a good conscience.

These questions might be the hardest questions to find answers to, but these are decisive questions you must ask yourself before taking the decision to do a WorldTravel. Sometimes it might not be that simple as in my case, but I’m convinced that there is an answer for every question! Sometimes we just need to search a little bit more and with the right motivation, the answers aren’t that far away.


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Read in the next post about the first steps in planning my journey and what I had to consider during my preparations.

This is the view from the front gate of Trinity College in Dublin. At the time all of this happened, I purchased my studies there and had this view every morning.

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