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Hello everybody, 

Most people will know me already but for all the readers who don’t know me yet, here’s an introduction about myself. My name is Florin Kutten and I’m born in Luxemburg. I was raised with a younger brother at the border to France and lived in Luxemburg for 20 years. After I graduated I decided to move to Germany for my studies. I choose Düsseldorf as my preferred city and I didn’t regret this decision at all! I can rather say that it was the best decision I took in my life so far, apart from the decision to do a WorldTravel. I am currently studying Business administration at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf and I’m in the 6th semester, about to finish my Bachelor. In between, I did an ERASMUS-Semester at the Trinity College in Dublin where I lived from September to December last year. The past 3 years were amazing and I had the best time of my life. I met amazing people, learned a lot about life and started to travel around Europe. 

Apart from studying, I work 20 hours a week for a company named Ernst & Young, I’m a tutor at my university and I have my own website to promote my services as a private tutor. All of that I’m doing to gain money and to save for my upcoming WorldTravel. 

During my ERASMUS-Semester in Dublin, I took the decision to do a WorldTravel starting the 1. October 2018 and this is the whole reason why I’m writing this blog. It will be all about my travel experiences and the people I met as well as the experiences I’ll have. In the next post, you’ll be able to read how I took the decision to do the WorldTravel and how everything began. 


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